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What is Inner Wellness?


Hello! I am so excited to begin this journey with you; something that has been thrilling my heart for so many years: Inner wellness! Let's dive into it!   



Spirituality in Medicine Podcast with Matty Lansdown

Your emotion is the path to the truth! 

Your emotion can play a magical role to improve your wellness, if only you know how to care of it. It is your job to connect your body to the New Emotion that creates uplifting motion towards your better Self and healthier Life. 


All you need is to connect to your emotion, understand how it communicates with your body and apply couple of very simple techniques to elevate it!


If you are eager to know more about it, listen to this podcast and I hope you find one thing that can facilitate this transformation. 


Remember accountability and consistency are the keys for any transformation :)

Ease The Overwhelm


Hello wellness seekers

It's a difficult time of the world! 

So much transformation is happening in different levels, with various forms and degrees globally in humans' lives, hoping they will eventually end up with some good changes and greater newness. 

We cannot ignore that so many lives have been affected by the current situation, either directly by the pandemic or by the way it has been handled. So many people might feel totally overwhelmed and cannot emotionally move forward in this situation with ease and comfort. Not to mention that there are so many factors worth discussing in this context. I like to seek your attention to focus on what YOU CAN DO in this complicated situation to overcome the overwhelm and ease the uncomfortable state.

This episode will highlight few helpful tips that can be simply used in a day to day life as well as in a complicated and challenging living situation. 

I hope it will shine even some tiny lights to your life.

Keep shining and stay well :)





Three Steps To Make A Change

Hello inner wellness seekers,
Do you know why we are not sometimes successfully able to make the lasting change? We plan, work hard and do our best, but keep failing!
There are certainly many factors involved in different contexts, but I am going to talk here about the 3-step process involved with any decision making , which begins with intention. Intention is mostly connected to the creative part of the brain. However, not always our intentions are productive and efficient, if they are 100% head-focused and analytical based. This may sound a bit weird from an academic brain like mine :) but it is definitely something that I have researched about for years and I am myself a living proof and evidence!
I will talk very briefly in this podcast about how we can set the greater intention for the process of change. Of course setting the right and efficient intention will need to be followed by two other steps.
I do personally go through these 3-steps before any change or decision I make in my everyday living, and trust me, it works! Because it is integrated and coming with the right alignment with what I truly want!
I would love to hear about your experience :)
Be well, Nas

Why do we need to "Process" our "emotions"?

Hi wellness seekers!

Another episode on emotional health and the importance of emotions in your wellness. 

Our emotions are naturally good, no matter joyful or painful! They are the path to the truth and have significant value for our being.

Undermining our emotions can negatively affect our health and well-being in all dimensions, including physical.  On the other hand, a deep and true connection with our emotions benefit our health in general, facilitate managing health challenges, help dealing with unexpected and difficult situations,  optimise our sense of wellness and inner peace,  and can even improve body's biological behaviors.   

In this episode we briefly discuss why it is so important to process our emotions "properly". 

Of course, this is a massive concept with so many further information and key points to follow. The good news is that the New Science now is on a speedy discovery on this important aspect of human's being. 



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21 Hacks and facts to re-align your inner wellness

Hello wellness seekers

Anxiety, uncertainty and current overriding stress are kind of increasingly impacting our whole life. Perhaps we get sometimes confused about what is happening; and is there any ways to re-grow in this situation and make something different? 

There are certainly so amazing tools that we can use in different contexts and various situation to improve out well-being, depending on what we really need and what we find aligned with our needs. I have already talked a bit about few tools in relation to stress and inner well-being; and have certainly much more to share about, in the future. 

But, today and in this episode I simply want to share some hacks and facts and indeed the raw messages I have played with in my own future Self reflection and in my Me times. Hope, you can find even one thing out of these messages that can resonate with you and help you connect to your inner freedom and  thrive in this situation.


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Be well,

Keep shining,



Polyvagal theory and inner wellness


Human's body is naturally wired in a way that can heal itself as long as we know how to connect to its intelligence. 

Did you know that our autonomous nervous system has the third part, in addition to sympathetic and parasympathetic,  which is responsible for the social engagement and connection and indeed is an important part to consider when dealing with anxiety and trauma healing? 

Yes our vagus nerve has the myeinated section called ventral side of the vagus system, with the specific function for social engagement.  This is discussed under the polyvagal theory introduced by Dr Stephen Porges in 1995, which has been a powerful foundation in some trauma healing  practices. 

In this podcast I just briefly presented the simplified introduction of this theory. Of course, there is more to discuss and learn about. I always appreciate that learning is an ongoing process. I am searching now to learn more about the function of polyvagal and heart coherence.

I hope you enjoy this episode and I would love to receive your feedback, comments and suggestions for further improvement.

With light and love,



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What is Panic Attack?

Panic attack is a sudden and unexpected intense attack happening usually out of the blue or related to severe anxiety and sometimes with no known cause. it can happen repeatedly and affect person's quality of life, physical and emotional health. it may cause sleep issues and even chronic health conditions if continues for long. After the first attack, it may cause the continues loop of chronic stress, anxiety, and depression as a result of fear of the attack. Over breathing and hyperventilation are discussed as one of the contributing factors. So, relaxed and slowed down nose berating is a very helpful technique to break the attack loop. Emotional healing, heart coherence and heart-focused breathing, lifestyle changes, low sugar good food, good sleep, ongoing exercise are all recommended to be involved with everyday living plan.
The good news is that awareness and connecting to your body, gut, heart and breath will enable you to turn the severe anxiety loop to the healthy state.
the truth is we cannot have a world without anxiety. Anxiety is not a weakness. Put it into perspective and seek help for so many wonderful approaches that exist in today's world to transform your anxiety to further growth and wellness.
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Be well, keep shining
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Hello wellness seekers

We are experiencing a challenging and difficult time across the globe! The good news is that we are all together on this journey and we are all suffering from some levels of stress for so many various reasons. I have created a kind of stream in my podcast to get a bit of familiarity with stress, what it is, what it does with our body, and how it makes us sick. I have also briefly introduced some concepts and techniques that can help reducing and releasing stress, in the last two episodes.  Today in this episode I summarise some information and collect them to introduce a simple practical tool to TRANSFORM your stress.   I used the word 'TRANSFORM' as an acronym for this tool, hoping it can add even small bit of value to what you do to manage your stress in this strange time.  

Your feedback for further growth will be deeply appreciated. 

Stay centred and well.  




Can we prevent Stress making us Sick?


As previously discussed chronic stress is the CAUSE of so many illnesses and most of the times the root is stored in the past memories  Our body doesn't differentiate thinking and imagining of the past memories stored in the cells with the physical outer stimuli or stressors; so it responds to them in the same ways. Our conscious mind is not normally aware of this storage, so tending to familiarise with some similar situations through rationalising, comparing and resorting. This process can go over and over until out body becomes sick, due to experiencing frequent long term shut down as a result of excessive stress response and depleted energy. Basically, our repetitive thoughts are what make us sicker!  

The healing begins when the root is discovered and this is nothing but the stories from the past overloaded with the reactive thoughts and emotions at the time. The emotions created indeed to protect our body in that chaotic situation, but they belong to the past and now must be elevated to something energising. This information is now evidence-based and research shows that the heart is the centre of this healing that can create the new signals and new emotions which are in coherence with our body's intelligence.   

This is my favorite topic that I love to search and talk about forever. Because I do strongly believe that it's the missing part in our healthcare system. In this podcast I am trying just to begin stepping into this adventure.  I would be deeply appreciative to hear about your feedback, comments and any kinds of light to facilitate moving on this journey.  With gratitude, Nas




What is the ONE CAUSE of Illnesses?

Is stress a good thing or bad thing? Well, your answer would possibly be both in different situations. 

But did you know that the chronic or frequent episodes of stress can lead body's systems to the state of shut down, most significantly your immune system? 

Did you know that stress consumes the most amount of your body's energy? 

And more interesting, did you know that stress is not always about something real in outer world, and indeed the most harmful stressors are the ones that are basically imagined and our body responds to them as real triggers and energy drainer?

This episode is talking briefly about the types of stress, how it affects your body and if it can be the cause of your physical and mental health conditions. More specifically, you will find out which type of stress is more silent and needs some in-depth awakening job?

We will go in the further episodes through the next steps. Your feedback, comments and suggestions would be much appreciated and can lighten the road of my discussions! 

Keep shining, 





Inner Wellness First Aid Kit

Have you heard about ABC First Aid Survival Kit? Airway, Breathing and circulation are the three crucial elements to survive. 

But how about when we are alive on this earth life and we want to go beyond survival? We want to thrive and live fully and healthy. Some work certainly needed to achieve this purpose: and this is a journey to become your better Self. 

In this episode we introduce three keys to move on this journey that facilitate making the bigger shift in our wellbeing happen.

 I hope you enjoy listening to Inner Wellness First Aid (ABC) kit! :)