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Dr. Nasrin Parsian

You are a Creator

Meet Nasrin

Mental/Emotional health Consultant 

Holistic Health Educator

Dr. Nasrin (Nas) Parsian is a Holistic health professional, Academic Nurse and Emotional health Consultant, experienced for 25 years in a wide range of health and wellness paradigms, evidence-based practice in healthcare, youth well-being, chronic illnesses management, and her highest passion is on Spirituality, self-transformation and Health. She holds a PhD, from Deakin University in Melbourne, on spirituality and self-transformation in people with chronic health condition (focusing on diabetes-type 1 management).

Heart-based conscious leadership

Nasrin also motivates people to create and follow a purpose, make new meaning and thrive in life situations and helps them break state through empowerment by connecting to their inner intelligence and create "A New Me" . She is here to help people become aware of their being in deeper layers of subconscious, unfold the unknown areas, become friend with their emotions and ultimately create their best version with a new identity.


Her deep passion of ancient mystic of Rumi and spiritual wisdom enlightens a vision of harmonious and coherent heart-centred health.

Nas has a compassionate personality with a higher purpose to uplift and inspire people to transform the Old Self to the New ,rewire their mind, connect to the heart, and create a healthier life.

Career Achievements

Career Achievements


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