How to Strive your Stress to Strength and

create "New You" Without Feeling Overwhelmed?




 Less Stress!

More Empowered!



Is this You?

  • You feel that you need to heal your Stress right now!

  • You might have used many different approaches or spent lots of energy and time to manage your stress but no sustainable success!

  • You have a fear of failure or unexpected changes that might threaten your life or your health.

  • You think that it is difficult to move with the new, challenging or unexpected changes, and/or you are lacking enough support, or you feel you are negatively impacted by the environment around you.




    You are committed to Master your own wellness and be the in-charge of your emotional well-being!



Helps you create the healthier version of you, who is able to communicate with inner wisdom and the Heart.


The course is a blend of ancient spiritual and modern medicine/science evidence-based tools to heal your stress, turn it to an uplifting resilience, and optimise your well-being.


You will be provided with some specific and simple tools to handle your everyday life challenges productively.

CHANGE your life and optimise your Inner wellness!

Wellness ABC first-aid tool:​



Awareness is about knowing of a ‘Whole Person’ and what is involved with your true well-being?


Awareness is about being truly aware of all the pillars of your holistic health.


Awareness is about a deep understanding of your Body, your heart, your Thoughts, Emotions and Desires.


Awareness is the key to connect to your subconscious mind and lead it with your consciousness and your inner intelligence. 


Brighten Your Vision-Insight- Perspective (VIP)


Brightening your Vision, Insight and Perspective is the second key to enable transforming your health and wellness.


You need to observe and expand your vision to yourself and your life before making any change.


You need to know who you truly are and what do you really want to live your best and healthiest version.

You need to know that your heart in more than a pumping muscle in your body. Your heart indeed leads your life.

You need to know that wellness is an inside job needing your mastery and accountability! 

You need to know that you are not a victim, but the Creator!



Connection is a significant aspect of your health. You cannot make any change in your well-being unless you connect to your whole body. 


Connectedness both inwardly (with you) and outwardly (with the world) is what you need to achieve your best wellness and your heart in a leader.


The function of your heart in your health is more powerful than what you can imagine?




Course Expected


By the end of this course you will Learn how to:


1. Notice the inner intelligence and understand the concept of "wholeness".

2. Explore the stress facts and scan their manifestations in body; the process of Think, Act, Feel

3. Communicate and Process their emotions

4. Explore and apply the Heart Intelligence the tools of heart and Brain communications 

5. Design a mind-heart-body coherent plan to uplift their energy and optimise their emotional well-being

6. Commit to their on-going learning about the heart-centred harmonious living.

IWM Course will Cover:

  • What is radical wholeness,

  • The triangle of healing, Stress, Heart and Immune system 

  • Inner Wellness Cycle, the AURAc (Aware, Unfold, Connect, Renew, Align) model of emotional wellness 

  • Heart intelligence and Body as a magnet

  • Unpacking the load; plan a healthy lifestyle that is aligned with your elevated emotions

  • Redefining of the beliefs and values, and re-aligning the New You!


Course Road Map

Heal Your Stress With These 6 Simple Modules 

  •  Module 1


    Introduction to the course, radical wholeness, Emotions in relation to your body, creating the chart of your healing journey

  • Module 2

    Biology of stress, the functions of sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of autonomic nervous system, Healing triangle (Stress, Heart, Immune system)

  • Module 3


    Intrinsic sources of Chronic stress, perceptions-Insight-Vision (PIV), past trauma and stress, physiology of emotions, applying emotional refocusing techniques to achieve a coherence in the moment, AURAc model of emotional wellness.


  • Module 4

    Body Intelligence and healing; coherence and the role of the heart, long term neutralising and replacing stressful emotions. The body is the magnet.

  • Module 5

    Energetic field interactions, Generalised anxiety and stress, healthy lifestyle plan

  • Module 6

    Establishing a new baseline for personal coherence, daily routine, and developing a depletion to renewal plan using heart-focused breathing technique


What You Get In This Course

  • Initial assessment (1-on-1 discovery call)

  • Live coaching group session weekly, Q&A and sharing the stories and learning (8 weeks, weekly)

  • Online webinar weekly (40-50 minutes each lecture, six lectures)

  • E-Book: Optimise Your Inner Wellness and some additional resources in the Learning Management System

  • Ongoing support with private Facebook group

  • Online platform and access to LMS and the resources

  • Final evaluation and reflection

  • Access to a private communication platform like telegram or Microsoft Team

  • Lifelong access to the LMS and all the additional resources and updates as a result of the course development and progress 

  • The first three persons will get one extra private One-on-One session with Dr Nas Parsian

  • Downloadable weekly videos and MP3s

  • Course reading and PDF fact sheets

  • Hypnosis and meditation audio

  • Practice handouts

  • Life time access to a private community

  • Ongoing access to the course manager and presenter, Dr Nas Parsian, for any questions, help or guidance during the course

  • eBook: Optimise Your Inner Wellness

  • Additional relevant resources, articles and websites

Meet Nas

I help people acknowledge the heart-centred health, transform, empower, and create their healthier Life by connection to their "Whole" and inner intelligences, leading by the Heart.


I want people to learn to master their health and wellness and constantly re-create a cultivating move life towards becoming their better ‘SELF’, through the process of heart-centred transformation.


After so many years of being closely involved with working, educating and researching in different areas of healthcare, and as shown in the results of my own evidence-based research, I came to a clear conclusion that health and wellness are far beyond than what we see and practise in conventional medicine. 


While I am fully qualified with a doctorate in Spirituality, self-transformation and health, the majority of my qualification is coming from my experience and what I do to put all the knowledge together into action.

I have a background in nursing and healthcare industry, working for some years with people with chronic health conditions followed by further education and expertise in different areas, such as youth health and well-being, quality of life, managing and coping with difficult transitions, and self-transformation and empowerment. My passion has always been about the "Whole Person", something which is certainly beyond than only physical body.


Many years of teaching, education and research in mental/emotional health focusing on Spirituality and self-transformation, getting qualified and certified as master practitioner and trainer in different modalities of Integrative NLP and Hypnosis plus my recent powerful passion about Heart-based wellness, gave me further strength and capability to follow my true purpose in life and my core mission; and that’s how I am here Now!


My professional and personal life, going through massive obstacles and challenges, achievements and loss, successes and failures, and many times of cocoon breaking, brought me to this point to share with you the secret of the greatest uncovered inner power and wisdom.

I am not in a business prescribing medication to people or simply just a diet, I am specialised in getting people to connect to their heart and re-create the outcomes that cannot be created just by following pre-designed formulas. 


My blended mystical ancient wisdom with my evidence-based medicine knowledge and skills enable me to embody all the learnt packages into ONE! So I want to serve people in the world to unleash their shining crystal within.


Join me to begin this journey together, if you are committed to learn to master your wellness, optimise your emotional well-being and create an ongoing cultivating move towards becoming you healthier, more content and better ‘SELF’, using the process of heart-centred transformation.


What People Are Saying about Dr Nas


Lynette Gehrmann


Nasrin's ability to intuitively understand exactly who I am, and what it has taken to heal myself, body, mind, and soul, means more than I can say. I cannot understate how valuable it is for me, as a fellow healer and spiritual guide, to have Nasrin as a friend and colleague to discuss things over with.

She connects from the heart and when a client feels a heartfelt connection it immediately unconsciously gives the fluent permission to lighten their load. Movement toward healing solution has then begun.

Yass Haghighi

Nasrin is very positive, compassionate , warm and insightful and can always be counted on to listen and provide support when needed.

I admire her passion for inner growth and her genuine urge to help others grow.

Nasrin is a true believer in Churchill's quote : "We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give."

Elmira Emami,

Cosmetic Nurse Specialist


Nasrin is an amazing coach and has rich experience on counselling. She is able to offer empathy and insight with intelligence and purpose. She provided you with an amazing way of challenging your roadblocks and shining light on your blind spots in order to help you continue to pave your own path.

Her reflections guide me to maintain clear perspective, and her creative approach helps me to make connections where it has been difficult to see them. I would highly recommend Nasrin to my friends



Neda Irani


I know Nasrin for a long time now and during my tough time, she gave me consultation to deal with my obstacles. She is a good listener and a professional consultant. The good thing about her is that she doesn’t tell you what to do/dont, instead she inspires you to challenge yourself and discover your own inner self and inner strength. She gave me great tips and I highly recommend Nasrin for the help and advises to cope with emotional problems. 

Thanks Nasrin


Sahar Gholizadeh


Nasrin is an excellent coach, she is very well experienced, readily available and trustworthy.

She is specialised in helping people find the clarity, connection, and courage they need to decide what to do next and to take the next step in many aspects of life .

She works to uncover natural talents, strengths, passions, values, and skills. Thanks for being always supportive .




I came across Holistic and Emotional Health Consultant service when searching internet. Reading through the website I felt , Dr. Nas is the person I need. I booked my first session with her and that was it. During the session I was loaded with amazing information which was energized with all fresh new training and advise and the results were amazing. I am amazed at the level of commitment that Dr.Nas shows . I like her approach to every and each problem and still go back and see her when feel I need to, I recommend Dr. Nas services to everyone.



Omid N