Heart-centred conscious leadership certificate
Heart-based conscious leadership

Heart-based conscious leadership

What is different in this training?

Heart-based conscious leadership

What people say about Dr Nas parsian

Nasrin's ability to intuitively understand exactly who I am, and what it has taken to heal myself, body, mind, and soul, means more than I can say. I cannot understate how valuable it is for me, as a fellow healer and spiritual guide, to have Nasrin as a friend and colleague to discuss things over with. She connects from the heart and when a client feels a heartfelt connection it immediately unconsciously gives the fluent permission to lighten their load. Movement toward healing solution has then begun.

Nasrin is an amazing coach and has rich experience on counselling. She is able to offer empathy and insight with intelligence and purpose. She provided you with an amazing way of challenging your roadblocks and shining light on your blind spots in order to help you continue to pave your own path. Her reflections guide me to maintain clear perspective, and her creative approach helps me to make connections where it has been difficult to see them. I would highly recommend Nasrin to my friends.

Elmira Emami

Nasrin is an excellent coach, she is very well experienced, readily available and trustworthy. she is specialised in helping people find the clarity, connection, and courage they need to decide what to do next and to take the next step in many aspects of life . She works to uncover natural talents, strengths, passions, values, and skills. Thanks





I came across holistic and emotional health consultant service when searching internet. Reading through the website I felt Dr Nas is the one I need. I booked my first session with her and that was it. During the session I was loaded with amazing information which was energised with all fresh new training and advise; the results were amazing. I am amazed at the level of commitment that Dr Nas shows. I like her approach to every and each emotional health problem and go back and see her when feel I need to, I recommend Dr. Nas services to everyone.


Omid N


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